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Fyah Mawi


Reggae artist Fyah Mawi, born in 1967 at Jubilee Hospital, Kingston, Jamaica, discovered his passion for music at a early age, captivated by the vibrant rhythms and soulful melodies echoing through the streets of his neighborhood. Immersed in the reggae culture that surrounded him, he honed his craft and developed a unique style that seamlessly blended traditional roots reggae with contemporary sounds later in life.

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Fyah Mawi's breakthrough came on the 6/9/2016 when his debut single, "I’m Not Fighting," caught the attention of both local audiences and the international reggae community. His 2/3/2018 album “ Rome Don’t Want I Speak”, 6/9/2019 album “ In Her Eye’s”, 20/4/2021 album “Colonize” 4/4/2022 “ Music As A Weapon” and 16/11/2023 album “Peace Within My Walls” has been lauded for its poignant lyrics, infectious rhythms , and the authenticity that resonated deeply with conscious reggae listeners worldwide.


In collaboration with Menen Records, an independent self- owned label dedicated to promoting authentic reggae talent, Menen Records recognized his raw talent and committed to nurturing his artistic vision while staying true to reggae's roots. The partnership proved fruitful, leading to a string of successful albums and collaborations that solidified Fyah Mawi's position as a trailblazer in the reggae scene.


Fyah Mawi's music isn't just about entertaining; it's a platform for social commentary, addressing issues of justice, unity, love and peace. His lyrics reflect a profound understanding of the human experience, seeking to inspire positive change through his songs.

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