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Fyah Mawi

Reggae artist Solomon Stephens (aka Fyah Mawi) was influenced by a love for reggae music at an early age, but only started making music later in life, when he recorded his first single "Im Not Fighting."

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Im Not Fighting

Solomon Stephens ( aka. Fyah Mawi) was born in 1967 at Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. Forced to grow up early, Fyah Mawi was just 12 years old, when political turmoil divided his beloved country of Jamaica, Mawi’s loss was exacerbated by the death of his sibling aged 15 (RIP Michael Smith aka Patrick).
With the rise in division, the opportunity arose to leave Jamaica for the UK to make a fresh start and start a family, however the same persecution which was fled in Jamaica was also apparent in the UK.
Due to his love for Rastafari and the awareness of self, music became his life destination, which has helped to breakdown the divisions in life.  
Music as an outlet to express deep concerns for the levels of poverty, war, and senseless killings, our music is focused on building bridges and tearing down fences, which led to the release of the first Single "Im not Fighting " taken from his album for Menen Records, Rome Don’t Want I Speak, which includes the single of the same name, amongst others, like, Irator released in early Feb 2017 was inspired by The Emperor and Empress crowning in union on the 2nd November 1930, so this song was written in celebration of their coronation , People Dying released in early Feb 2017 also written as an outcry to destructive world changes and inconsistencies. 50 80 released in early Feb 2017 In celebration of His Majesty's visits to Jamaica in 1966 and the UK 1936. Rome Don’t Want I Speak released in early Feb 2017, was where it all began and was the first to be written, based on the loss of culture and identity, our stolen history and displaced people.
Menen Records is the independent recording and marketing vehicle to deliver Fyah Mawi’s new album Rome Don’t Want I Speak, established by Fyah Mawi in 2016, Menen Records celebrates its first year with a firmly rooted confidence.
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